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2017 – Present
Southeastern University – Developer

At Southeastern University, I interact with a dynamic team and am helping the school by using the latest technologies and best practices that I have learned over the years.

I am involved with multiple projects and various duties that make each day unique and avail itself with challenges and opportunities to provide solutions.

Projects and Tasks include:
Built a student portal using Laravel and VueJS
Responsible for maintaining the marketing security and servers both public and internal
Responsible for database integrity, schemas, backups, and custom queries
Was part of the salesforce onboarding team
Integrating Salesforce into the marketing systems
Custom integrations between Salesforce and other legacy systems
Responsible for lead imports into our systems
Custom applications built throughout the campus where needed to help out the departments

2010 – 2016
Bill Curtis Consulting Services – Principal Developer / Owner

Created several applications, all of them based on “best practices” and “dynamic work-flows” to help clients become more efficient. I would work with clients and note any areas that needed enhancements and provide a solution that worked for them.

Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, OS X and others), Apache, Mysql, PHP are my default tools.

I normally use PHP Storm and Sublime Text for coding.

Recent Libraries and Frameworks used:

Javascript and VueJs, Laravel, SASS, CSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryMobile, EmberJS, PHP, RESTful API’s, MySQL, MS-SQL, NGINX, Apache, Git, Bash scripting, automation, cron, rsync, SSH, HTTPS, Encryption key based authentication, AWS Amazon Web Services, WordPress and Drupal.

From 2000-2009
Principal Developer – Director of Information Technology at Donovan Industries, Inc.

When I started at Donovan, there were 8 employees with a single dial-up AOL internet connection. When I left, they were a 21st century organization. Most everything automated with any person being able to remote in and do their job via a web browser. It was here at Donovan that I learned about the business world and began to think outside of the box and learn to program.

Every three months the executive team and I would have off-site meetings and I would be quizzed about different scenarios that might occur and asked to provide solutions. This was just before Facebook and Salesforce were the platforms that they are today.

I created a secure web based application called the “DSN” Donovan Sales Navigator. Created from scratch, using various technologies and libraries. Windows, Mac OS X, and linux were all used in this system. It was a real time dashboard of Inventory, Sales and Accounting. EDI was used for the larger customers, I created the ability for our system to import almost any kind of order format. I was able to remove almost every road block the company had in terms of inefficiencies.

Created a network from the ground up, spanning the globe from Tampa, FL, Savannah, GA, Columbo, Sri- Lanka and Rancho Cucamonga, California
Maintained access and security
Unix Administrator (IBM AIX, SCO, BSD), Mac OS X Server Administrator, Windows Server Administrator and Linux Administrator (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu)
Developed and maintained several websites based on requirements
Created custom web-based applications i.e.. “Donovan Sales Navigator” to meet specific needs within the company
Managed customer service department
Improved customer relations
I left Donovan Industries to start my own business to help other companies and Donovan became my first client.

Experience From 1994 – 2000

Worked with various companies doing multiple contracts, mainly application support and learning about unix/linux. IBM and the Eckerd Corporation introduced me to the Information Technology space and what would eventually become my passion.


See website for portfolio and projects also LinkedIn for more information.

Projects / Portfolio
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Southeastern University
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